Our goal is to provide quality, affordable, and convenient cardiac and abdominal ultrasound studies to small animal patients. Our purpose is to provide an internal medicine perspective to the ultrasound processes, considering your clinical findings, laboratory changes, and observations of pet families. With decades of experience, both conventional and “out of the box” ideas may be offered to assist in your ongoing management of the case. In addition, if referral to a specialty center is the best recommendation, it will be presented in a detailed report complete with images for your review.

In order to begin the request for imaging, you must first register your hospital. Once your registration is verified you will be confirmed. Once confirmed, you will be able to request imaging studies and view patient records for pets unique to your hospital. If this has been done previously, you may go directly to the login page. Currently, we are performing new ultrasound studies in Colorado Springs on Tuesday and Thursday, weekly at the Veterinary Specialty Center. As demand increases, we plan to expand offerings. In addition, individual requests for a day in your own clinic may be possible provided 2 or more cases can be done consecutively. Please contact us to arrange a clinic visit.

By clicking on the pawprint, you will be re-directed to the imaging request site, requiring veterinarian registration and login. Essential fields must be completed before an appointment can be scheduled. We encourage you to attach pertinent radiographs and lab results for review prior to the appointment.

For pet families: We appreciate your interest in our service. Because our practice is mobile, we will not be making diagnostic and treatment decisions for your pet. This will continue to be the responsibility of your veterinarian. However, we will work closely with them and offer recommendations for additional testing and treatment options based on our findings. If you would like to arrange an imaging study for your pet, please contact your veterinarian and ask them about MVIC. We would love to work with you and your pet.